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Each year, DIETs across India submit data about their institute to MHRD using the Prashikshak input module. This data spans a wide range of topics, which has been clubbed into 7 focus areas on the portal. There are 3 ways to access this data about teacher education in india.

View Dashboard

The Dashboard gives an overall picture of the status of DIETs nationally, within a state, or at an individual institute. On the dashboard, data for the most important indicators are represented using charts, graphs and infographics. The user has the ability to explore indicators within various focus areas, data overtime, or identify the high and low performing institutes and states.

Query the Data

In Query the Data, the user can search to discover raw data for any of the 800 data points available for each institute.

Compare the Data

Compare the Data allows the user to compare data across states and institutes or over time. All 800 data points are available for comparison.